Our ELC and OSHC

We Walk Together & Everyone is Welcome


St Paul’s Early Learning Centre opened in October 2004. Our Early Learning Centre offers educational learning opportunities for children aged 3 to 5 years, based on the National Early Years Learning Framework, which focuses on play-based child initiated learning while fostering relationships within the community. We provide a Preschool program with a full time teacher for all the children who attend the service. Being located within the grounds of St Paul’s Catholic Primary School, the Early Learning Centre is able to provide the children with an introduction to ‘school life’, the Early Learning Centre attend the weekly school assembly, as well as attending the school services including the library as a group regularly. Healthy and nutritious lunch and snacks are provided to the children in ELC. We aim to provide variety to not only meet the children’s nutritional needs, but also to encourage more adventurous eaters.


  • A warm and welcoming community

  • Delicious and nutritious afternoon snacks

  • A myriad of activities and opportunity from which children can chose including indoor activities and outdoor play, lego and computer

  • Explore through play-based experiences

  • Transition to Year 6

Our OSHC also offers VACATION CARE:

  • A warm and welcoming community

  • Delicious and nutritious snacks and lunch provided

  • A range of exciting incursions and excursions

  • Every school holidays and pupil free days


Please reach out to the director via email at sp.elc-oshc@nt.catholic.edu.au if you would like to enrol your child into ELC or OSHC. Please note that spots are subject to availability, and securing a spot will be based on the current capacity. By contacting the director will help ensure a smooth and timely process.